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Default Re: 2019.5 not ready for prime time!

Originally Posted by Trent W. View Post
Since it arrived, I’ve cranked ~60 hours into it and haven’t seen a single bug, crash, or error message. I’m working on a post session >280 voices including two dozen virtual foley midi tracks, and ~8 VI instances. It’s been an absolute dream.
Same here but but producing and writing sessions with atleast 20 VI instances and lots of plugins with some pretty CPU intensive and everything is great!

Mac Pro Trashcan 12core Sierra 10.12.6 w/PTU and 2 x Apollo X8P aswell as 2 Satellite Quads

Haven’t tried on our Mac Pro trashcans with Mojave yet but Sierra runs like a dream 24/7 here with heavy midi work and audio recording. 200-250 tracks at 88.2 ...

I really feel for those who have problems but my head is spinning as to why there are so many that it just works for ...
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