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Default Re: Free gift from Avid: Accusonus Voice Leveler

Originally Posted by elicious View Post

Was very disappointed with Waves and Quiet Arts,
and later on with the Hornet version (although a great price).
Hey mate, just came across this.
Quite understand the Waves rejection but I wonder with what version you gave up on WaveRider?
You know it came out more than 10 years ago and we did improvements consistently up until v3 which is the current version. Also, just released a stripped-down, non-HUI version (in VST, AU as well).

If you gave up at v1 then I understand.
But if you have v3 and don't like what it does, then I would be really keen to hear why it is not happening for you.


Check out WaveRider + Defaulter:

Catchin' SYNC app
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