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Default PT 6.9 new join function

Just installed the 6.9 update. I like the new automation updates very much. The new join function gives me the ability not to use the (dangerous) write to end function. What I like to add to the new functions is a way to use the join function as a recall-last-controller-settings-when-stopped. A lot of verbs in one line ..... You will think: a few days after the release allready there are needs for more. I think this function is allready in the software and just needs a softknob connected to it (digi?).
What I mean is this: You run through a scene in automation. At the end of the scene you have a mix setting that you like as a start. Then go back, and just before you enter the scene you press join to recall the last controller settings. This recalls only the controllers that where marked for join.

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