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Default Re: Playback and Record Volume messages - read this!

I'm a Powerbook G4 user running PT Le 7.1 on OSX 10.4.8 and I decided to set a RAID 1 configuration.
A mirror image was then created but uncapable of playing back or record whatsoever.
Although I had a closer look for the whole forum, tried several options, from un-mounting the RAID set config and format my HDs; Lacie HD FW800 and Western Digital USB( which each one of them play and record perfectly well as individual ones) set a new RAID config, went in the workspace, tried to change to record... nop, no success!
Any thoughts?

What else should I try?

I'm also a Logic Pro user and the config works just fine, I can rec/play and do whatever I need...but not in my beloved PT

Thank you for your time

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