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Default Re: Att Mezzo users ...How good/effective is background back up of Mezzo

Funny, I have had just the opposite experience.

Do a search , this was covered not too long ago.

Never really liked Mezzo and would not even attempt backing up in the background with it, crashed almost every time. Switched to Retro and love it.
You do have to be more organized with Retro as it will not map to the files as Mezzo does, but I have not seen this to be that big of a deal. IF you have lots of sessions scattered across multiple drives Mezzo will be easier, but if you mainly work on one or two projects at a time Retro is fine. Rock solid. I always found Mezzo a little flaky in general.

Having said all that-I don't do background backups all that often, even though it works, it just takes much longer and bogs down the system too much.

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