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Thanks Max - great info.

Kind of bummed that there are not automation mode buttons.... UG. I'm switching in and out of different modes all the time

I guess i could mouse right hand, and fader left hand.....

Originally Posted by diamondschwin View Post
I got some hands on time with these in Nashville.

S1 does not have automation buttons and the “dock” portion that holds an iPad is permanent. So it’s depth is quite a bit deeper than an Artist which is unfortunate.

S4 looks great, biggest issue I see with it is the faders are about the same quality as an S3. To achieve the same quality feel as a d command or d control you still need to move to an S6, which is a shame since I see the S4 as the D Command replacement.

The new version of the Avid ios control app was alpha software so very buggy but it looked cool. Apparently the meter mode works because it detects you have the appropriate control surface, so that functionality is not backwards compatible with the artist series.
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