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Default Re: Can't hear myself play without recording

Originally Posted by bruce_pianoman View Post
I studied the previous post. Here's what I think it says, in my own words:
Why are you posting now on this ancient thread? You still having the same problem?

I cannot follow your last post including what exactly "did not work". What "previous post" exactly are you talking about? And the video referred to in one post seems to be offline.

This is just getting silly.

What exact version of Pro Tools are you using? Pro Tools SE? LE? standard? First? Ultimate? and what exact version number? On what computer with what exact interfavce? What exactly are you trying to record?

So much time wasted here and you've not ever provided this most basic info, and you are posting on an old thread in a Pro Tools SE and Essentails forum area. That junk should be long dead.

This is most likely a common beginner mistake of not undersdatnding auto input vs input only monitoring (if on Pro Tools (non-HD versions) etc. prior to 12.1) or not understanding track input monitoring (if on Pro Tools HD/Ultimate or standard after 12.1). Or being confused between the interface doing hardware monitoring and software monitoring in Pro Tools. You have different people in this thread talking about these very different behaviors in Pro Tools depending on which version you have. You are just wasting your own and other people's time by not providing the expected info here. Please start by reading "help us help you" up the top of each DUC web page. Folks hre will help you if you go to that effort.

You should have a Pro Tools reference Guide PDF installed on your computer an can look up track input monitoring or auto input monitoring. That is about a page of text of so to read. And the just play with toggling those things around. Start with a new session with a single track and just play around with the monitoring settings after reading the doc.

And depending on the version of Pro Tools you might just have low latency monitoring enabled without understanding the impact of that (again you can find details in the Reference Guide PDF for your version).

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