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Default Re: Can't hear myself play without recording

I studied the previous post. Here's what I think it says, in my own words:

"Record enable the tracks that you want to be playing (The record enable button is on the each track)"

=> By “playing” he means “playing back” while I listen on my headphones and play along on a new track. he says to record enable those tracks.

"... for example your drum track, rythm guitar track and the guitar track you want to play on."

=> He says: Record enable the two existing tracks (drum & rhythm) plus a track for a new guitar part.

"When you are ready to play along with these tracks just click on the play button above to start the tracks playing so you can play along on your guitar track without recording. Do not click on the record button above where the play button is until you are ready to record."

=> he says: click on play, not record. I must have interpreted something wrong. He wouldn't say not to click on record "until I'm ready to record." That would result in recording over the previous two tracks as well. I did try it though. it didn't work.

The rest of his post talks about inputs. I don't think this is relevant to my situation. The input I choose for the new track is whatever input the mic is plugged into. Usually mic inputs 1 & 2 on my Mbox pro. It doesn't matter what the already recorded tracks used. This also referred to a "Fastrack." I'm guessing that's I/O hardware with a similar function to my Mbox.

Thanks for any help you can give!

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