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Default Re: Bluray in a 2012 MacPro cheesegrater

Originally Posted by cwsand View Post
Blu-ray Player Pro (what you have listed) is what I use. I'm not sure, but I think the Pro version doesn't require an internet connection - I've never had any issues with it but I only own 1 Blu-ray set - the Beatles 1. Blu-ray Player Pro plays it fine.
I've quite a few BluRay dvd's so it's not a trivial deal for me. On their FAQ page there's a number of things that point to having to have an internet connection. Just one is in the video & audio section where someone asks about why the video freezes 4 to 5 seconds when trying to play a BluRay movie. Basically the answer is the program needs 4 to 5 seconds to remove the Bluray protection with the network and as of now their servers are only in the US. There's another in the Performance section about failing to connect to verification server.

What's confusing is that further down in an answer to another question they say the Pro version doesn't need internet connection now. In the above items I mentioned they make no mention of Pro versus regular versions.

Also what I can't find is if they only play region 1/A dvd's. In my research for multi-region players I found that no company directly sells them but rather they are unlocked by a third party - that's the answer I got from B&H. And then you only get a warranty from the seller in B&H's case that's 90 days and not the manufacturer's warranty.
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