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Default Re: Can't hear myself play without recording

This is my first post to this forum. I am tagging onto this thread because it seems very relevant and I don't know if a new thread would be preferable or not (trying to keep search results uncluttered).

If a new thread is preferable I'll do it. And I also promise that *I* will answer any and all replies and will post back whatever information is asked for and any solution I may eventually find (I am a big fan of netiquette).

I am completely unable to monitor input (a feature that, after many searches, I believe some would like ;-).

Never mind. I see that I am in the wrong forum. The answers to my problem (Unable to monitor inputs PT 10.3, Mbox Pro 3rd Gen, Windows 7) is here: (Mbox Control Panel - use Mbox Pro as stand alone mixer and monitor hardware inputs, not software returns.)

[... rest of needless post cut.]

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