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Default Re: I just bought a Focusrite Penta

okay intial testing:

Preamps are much better than the digi. My voice is very clear and very strong and that's without the compressor on. With the compressor on (there is a vocal preset) it applies very nice compression and tube warmth, not muddy, more of a soft feel.

I compared my last vocal track using the digi pres yesterday to today. I applied the digi comp vocal plug and the c4 and the focusrite still sounds better! It is a clearer fuller sound. The preamps on the digi seemed a little tinny and airy to me. (just an opinion)

Also, I tested my kick track on my mo phatt by tweaking it to their "kick" drum setting. Right off the bat the kick drum had punch to it. What's great about the presets are you can adust the ratio, compression attack right on the front panel until you get the sound you like. Very nice.

That all I have so far and so far I am very happy with my purchase. The pre is great and the compression presets save a lot of time and frustration. They have obviously been preset by someone who knows. I will keep you posted....ask away and I will try to answer as quick as possible. I know how I got before I just want someone to tell you something good. By the was you guys who lead me to this rack...first I thought joe meek, dbx, and then presonus, and last but certainly not least focusrite. All of your research helped me choose. So anything I can do to help...let me know.

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