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Default Help! Heavyocity Evolve R1 installer for PT10HD

Hi everyone, its been ages since I've posted here. My PTHD10 rig has been pretty stable since 2013, it if aint broke dont fix it, right?

Q: Does anyone have an installer for Heavyocity Evolve R1 (Kontakt library)

I just bought Evolve from Heavyocity, but the R2 installer only runs on Mac 10.10 or higher and my PTHD rig is stuck at OS10.8.

Anyone have R1 installer?
PT HD4 v.10.3.8 / Mac OS 10.8.2 / Intel Core i7 3.4Ghz / McDSP CompressorBank & FilterBank / Eventide Anthology / Ableton Live 9 Suite
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