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Default Re: 2019.5 OLED not responding properly

Originally Posted by @tention View Post
No, it's just strange. There seems to be a HUUUUGE delay when you touch someting. Sometimes the OLEDS will react, sometimes they won't.
On my system it feels as if the displays do not get the command to 'update' or 'refresh' at the correct rate. This also goes for volume readout when you move the faders.
As an example you might see the name of the track, then it will jump to -40 then it will stay there although the track is at minus infinite.
As this is rather annoying I hope for a quick fix.
OK, so this is not the OLED issue others are seeing (although you are probably seeing that too) It sounds like the system is bogging down. Can I ask you to uninstall using the 19.5 installer, check remove all Apps and remove all prefs, and then reinstall.
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