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Default Import audio… Beachball

Mid 2012 Retina 15" MacBookPro10,1 Quad-Core i7 'Ivy Bridge' 2.6 GHz
Presonus Studio 192
Presonus DP88
Pro Tools Dock
Artist Mix
Pro Tools 2018.12
Last version High Sierra

Hello, this only happens on occasion. But it is very frustrating.
Whenever I create a new session and go to import audio as soon as I select the first file I get a beach ball. The only way out is to kill ProTools and start over. Sometimes it requires a reboot. Sometimes it requires deleting the session and building a new one. Once it happens the first time it continues to happen until some combination of rebooting and restarting ProTools which I have not figured out. Any ideas?
Since it does not happen every time I cannot tell you what is different from one session to the next. I pretty much use the same workflow every time. Create session, file import audio, select file, Beachball.
Both the session and the external files are on an external hard drive.
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