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Default Re: Avid S1...I am excited!

Originally Posted by globaleric View Post
Thanks Eddie, and yes, please please "see" if that S1 / MC Transport Combo would work!

Sure, I do understand that Avid would prefer selling me a new Dock.
However the Dock is rather the successor of the MC Control than the MC Transport. Especially with a S1, I'd never use the Dock's Fader, iPad holder and rotary encoders anyway. And the latter make the Dock IMHO just too big and too expensive.

Therefore I guess I'm not the only one who thinks that MC Transport + S1 would be an awesome combo worth getting supported!

... or then, bring us a _real_ MC Transport successor , maybe some "Dock Light": Just the transport buttons, the wheel (+ bring back the shuttle ring?) and some buttons controlling what the wheel does. The result should take less space on the desk, fit next to a S1 (magnets) and have a price tag around 1/3 of the S1 (similar ratio as Transport vs Artist Mix).
I just wanted to echo this sentiment. It would be really great if the Artist Transport could co-exist with the S1 series. +1 all around
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