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Default Re: Avid S1...I am excited!

Originally Posted by EddieJones View Post
The S1 just enables the meters screen that is tied to its strips. The rest of the App benefits from all the new features and UI improvements yes.
I have to say in general it looks like you guys have done a great job in advancing the artist mix with more display capabilities like the S6 via iPad similar to Dock with Transport evolution.

And I get the streamlined S6 in a more economical package concept.

But ... one can see from the posts in the discussion that artist mix and transport users are also (equally?) concerned about fitting into tight spaces.

And S1 with Dock both with ipads are going to take more space vertically and depth. Noted width of S1 is smaller than Mix.

Dock I get is useless without iPad.

S1 - as years of Artist Mix experience suggests - is useful with OLED displays and with monitors on a shelf on small project desk for correct viewing height, makes the S1's iPad physically connected stand clunky sticking out the top/back without an ipad.

You really have two goals (amongst others) - getting the S6 experience in economical package and fitting devices in tight spaces.

Removable clip iPad stands on the S1 would have given you both.
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