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Default Re: YES!!!! 64bit Pro Tools!!!!

As I learned recently from a helpful Mac HD user, there is a host/rewire wrapper called Bidule which can be used for windows or OSX, allowing a separate chunk of memory to house VST (or AU) instruments

I tried it on XP, I successfully loaded an extra 700MB of VIs, with 4GB on the board (PT8 would only reach 1.4GB or so).
My copy of win 7 64bit and another 8GB arrive this week. I assume I can use 3-4GB for PT and then the same again or more for Bidule. Of course, when PT goes 64 bit, this would be less useful. However the other potential uses are:

For VIs with a problem with RTAS under w7 64bit, instead wrap their VST version with Bidule, and use rewire. I ran 10 audio channels out quite easily from Kontakt 4, and some other NI and arturia VIs. Bidule also has a mixer and arpeggiator, etc.

Use your laptop (or a spare PC/Mac) as a separate synth module: run IO into PT, and drive it via midi: Bidule can load as a standalone host, connected straight to midi ports and soundcard ports. You would probably wish to use fewer audio channels and mixdown to stereo in the 2nd PC. This would be similar to what the PLAY engine can offer. There is a 64 bit version of Bidule too. I think I may use a 2nd PC with quad core if I need more VIs than my CPUs can handle

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