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Originally Posted by Cheesehead View Post
Is it just me or are there other people fairly un-excited about the upcoming Folder tracks?
I mean they don't actually add any functionality, apart from cosmetically and for me at least I can see they will potentially break a lot of programming of shortcuts I've done in Keyboard Maestro and Soundflow, which rely on the gui being as it is.
Perhaps when they arrive I'll be converted, but there are many other developments I would have found more useful that potentially actually do things in the audio domain.
I watched the Andrew Scheps video and he seemed excited. But basically its some tracks running through an Aux, that you can make smaller.
It'd be interesting to hear what others think.

I've probably opened a can of worms here, I'll take cover.
I'm very excited about it. But getting excited, and then waiting, and waiting, and waiting gets wearying, so I don't express the excitement often.

I have an orchestral writing template with upwards of a 100+ MIDI Tracks, plus Instrument Tracks, Audio Tracks, Auxes, etc. I need this tracks available, because I never know what a job will need, and it's amazingly time-consuming to have to instantiate and set up everything each time I decide I want to use an instrument, or section, especially since my turnaround to deadline times tend to be very fast.

So, to not have to look at those hundreds of empty tracks, and scroll and scroll to see and edit the ones that have actual data on them, to be able to largely have 1 screenful of Folder Tracks to look at, and then be able to expand the one I need to work inside of at the moment.
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