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Default Re: Euphonix MA 703 (clocking) problem

Originally Posted by MarcOFB View Post
Thank you for the quick reply! This is a massive help :)

I was told the sync io can run in standalone mode as a clock generator.
Seeing you only have one A/D stage it is best to run the A/D on internal sync. You will gain nothing by clocking the AM713 from the word clock Output of the Sync HD - quite the contrary, actually.

Originally Posted by MarcOFB View Post
What do you mean by T-bar? Shouldnt the wc out from the MA703 carry the clock onwards to the sc264? Or am i being thick?
No, you should use a BNC T-connector and run your word clock in parallel, terminated at the end. The end being the final T-Connector in the chain.

Originally Posted by MarcOFB View Post
And what do you mean by bnc terminator?
This is a BNC terminator. Both, the T-Connector and Terminator need to be rated 75Ω.

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