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Default Re: Euphonix MA 703 (clocking) problem

Originally Posted by MarcOFB View Post
My setup involves an AM713 and an MA703

And i connect the S5 to my Mac (daw) via a rme madiface usb (madi to usb converter, so no HD system present)

I thought of using a digidesign sync io i found in storage and use the word clock out from that and daisychain throughout the two converters and the SC264D (fusion setup, no DF66)

I have never fiddled with clocking before so im shooting blind here :)

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So if I understand you correctly you have a System 5 desk plus Euphonix studio computer, a AM713 and a MA703 plus an RME sound card?

If that is the case you can try to daisy chain word clock from one device to the next, especially if they are located close to each other.

But I would consider getting a dedicated word clock unit especially if you are planning on adding any more devices requiring clocking to this setup.

The sync HD is not going to help you here as it is not a dedicated word clock generator/distributor. The only reason for having it is time code sync which is of no benefit to you as you aren't using HD hardware.

With only one A/D in your setup this unit should be running on internal sync and clock the rest of your devices. I would steer clear of word clock outputs and connect each unit with a T-Bar.

AM713 wc out
|--MA703 wc in
|--System 5 wc in
|--SC264D wc in
75Ω BNC terminator

The MADIFace will be quite happy locking to whatever appears on the MADI IN (and presumably the same is true for the System 5).

The only thing to keep in mind is that if you are using the coax and optical ports on the MADIFace at the same time whatever is feeding those Inputs should be synchronised to the same clock.
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