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Default Pro Tools HDX2 working on new Mac Pro

is working on NEW MacPro HD with 2 HDX Cards.
I had to updated the firmware for both cards.
I have never seen this update in all my years (20+) working in Pro Tools.
Hopefully that firmware told the cards to minimize the fans on the cards... as I have had to replace to both of them.

The OS 10.15.2 (19C57) Catalina did have a conflict with the HD Driver, which I had to tell the OS to allow it to be seen. I had a great rep from Avid in Poland help me to get this to work. But it is working. I am now installing all my plugins.

The HDX cards - the plug worked with the plug into the bottom card, port 1 on the Mac Pro to a HD I/O

New MacPro is very quiet. And very fast.
Richie- 7th heaven
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