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Default New to HDX....quite disappointed.

Since I am new to dsp powered pro tools (I'd call it HD or Ultimate, but who knows what it'll be called by the time you read this!), I figured I'd say hello, and also bounce my findings off of those of you with more HDX experience.

Frankly I'm a bit disgusted. I am a prog drummer with a large kit (28ish channels), recently I made a major console upgrade for my studio. I figured it was time to step up to hd as well. I prefer to work at the highest sample rates possible (not looking to have that arguement here, it's just relevant to my gripe).

Having just dropped $100k on the new board, I wanted to start out with 1 hdx for now. Had to buy a new computer,.... mine wasn't compatible (knew that might happen, but I rolled the dice....oh well). Through all my prepurchase research I was worried about running out of voices. I can't even get that far. I start building a template session....Qfs sample rate....24 tracks routed and Im out of dsp? Zero plugins in the session. Qfs, yes, but that seems pathetic. Is that seriously what I just dropped $10k for? A 24 channel DAW. Takes me back to my porta studio I had when I was 10!

Are there any other console users (or even summing mixer users I suppose) who can confirm that this is legit and not something wrong?
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