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Default Re: Lovering volume on track channel?

Originally Posted by Sevdah View Post
Hello all,

I have imported a track into PT. Its an mp3 track, and when i import it, it shows two identical tracks. Now when i play i hear the guitar part coming only on the right side of headphones. while drums and bass are on both. Is it possible to lover down the volume or mute the guitar part all together? And how would i do that?

Thank you for your time.
There is more than one solution to this. I myself would split the stereo track into dual mono(Right click on the track name a select "split into mono".). After that, mute the stereo track, pan the two new mono tracks to center and start grabbing faders to adjust the volume.

As far as "lovering"'s a topic others here might tackle as I have no experience "lovering" volumes myself.

Hope that helps.

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