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Default Re: Room Mic for Drums

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
... on Rode lineup, NT1-NT2 are the same mic on cardioid, updated version got multi pattern but fails miserably...
Perhaps you are referring to the original NT1-NT2? I never liked the original NT1 or original NT2 - harsh and no good. Never tried the newer NT1-A, so I won't comment.

The NT2-A, however, is a MAJOR improvement over the original NT2. The NT2-A's sound very nice. My opinion!!! There are lots of listening tests posted, so you can listen and decide for yourself. Here's an interesting one:

Back to the OP question, though, I'd use small-capsule condensers for drum room mics (like SM81's). The placement, room, and mix level is critical. Make sure the room mics actually improve things, rather than create phase issues. Many times I will mute them in the mix... Obviously it depends on what you are going for. There are a million ways to approach drum sounds. You could put up 57's and crush with 1176-all-buttons-in. No rules - try it all for yourself.
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