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Default Re: Room Mic for Drums

No problem at all.

Just to be clear; on Rode lineup, NT1-NT2 are the same mic on cardioid, updated version got multi pattern but fails miserably. K1 (NTK) and K2 are tube mics, updated version got variable pattern and is great. NT1000 (FET) and NTK (tube) were released at the same time, both cardioid only.

IMO skip NT1/NT2 altogether. Also skip K1 (NTK) because it is not much cheaper than K2 and does not have variable pattern. This is the reasoning why I said choose between NT1000 and K2 -- if you are budget limited you also need to decide whether you get one K2 or pair of NT1000.

Variable pattern on K2 means you have analog knob to turn between the patterns. Not a switch. So that is great. Be prepared to order hand-made XLR 7pin cable between the mic and power box because the one that comes with the mic breaks easily and probably isn't the length you are looking for.

Oh, and there is also a NT2000 which is variable pattern and whatnot, but same as with NT2, not so great. If you need variable pattern choose K2. If you need great mic for great price, choose NT1000. 'nuff said.
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