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Default Re: Behringer UM2 and Pro Tools First no sound

Hi junkgear

Direct Monitor not an issue, knew what that is already.
ASIO4ALL v2.14 has no options to change I/O options, other than HD Audio Interface 1-2/3-4/5-6/7-8, which are not covered by the Behringer USB WDM 2.8.40.

When you start PTF for the first time, the playback engine options are:

1st - Windows Audio Device = this has an Input Device drop down bar, with noting to choose from, except literally a NONE option with a tick next to it.
It will chose the sound options of Realtek under Output Device, though.
The Default Output is greyed out and Speakers 1-2 are in the bar.
This options will also make PTF close due to no engine selected and is locked at 44.1 khz.

2nd - ASIO4ALL v2 = this has no Input Device options drop down bar, only a Default Output, which is HD Audio Output 1-2/3-4/5-6/7-8.
It also allows for sample rates of 44.1, 48, 82.2 and 96 khz.
This option will make sound come from the project that I load and can hear the other tracks uploaded by my band mates, but nothing in signal for my bass.

3rd - Behringer USB Audio = this also has no Input Device options drop down bar, and the Default Output is greyed out, with Out 1-2 in the bar.
It has 44.1 or 48 khz options.
This option will show my Bass in a new track added to a session green signal, but is not coming from PTF but through the UM2 headphone only.

To update troubleshooting attempts:
If ASIOS4ALL is selected then I can hear the tracks through PTF but not record or see any signal bar within the track associated to my Bass as the I/O options do not have the UM2 Line 2 (Mono) as an option, which is what is the correct option for the UM2 Inst 2 that my lead is plugged into.
If the UM2 is selected then I cannot hear the other tracks play at all no matter what I/O options for output I select for each individual track.
There is no MASTER I/O for everything for some stupid reason.
Both these options I can hear my bass through headphones and/or speakers if I plug in the RCA Red/White at the rear of the UM2 to my Blue Line In on the Mobo, but again, this is not due to PTF.

Im am truly stumped as to what is going on, and Im not a noob to PC's or to AV....

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