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Default Behringer UM2 and Pro Tools First no sound

My specs: Wind 10 Pro, v1809, OS build 17763.684; i7-5930k cpu; 32k ram; ASUS X-99 Pro mobo, ASUS GTX 1060 (6gig) gpu.

I cannot get sound to play from PT, or get my UM2 and/or PT to play through my speakers.
I can get my Bass to play through the headphone jack on the UM2 when the Direct Monitor is active, otherwise no sound there either.
I have ASIO4ALL installed.
The Behringer USB WDM Audio 2.8.40 is an option in Sound and I can get it to play through the headphones when plugged into the UM2 after I run the troubleshooter for Win 10 sound.
I see signal within PT when I start a new project but cannot get sound to play there either, but will see active signal with obvious latency.
Truly, im bloody stumped and do not think it is the hardware, so can someone please give me a solution....

PS: the Playback Engine option within PT will nearly always crash the program when I try to change settings from within a session...I have to delete the files in AppData to restart the PT from scratch and can go again.

Seriously need some help peoples...
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