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Default Re: Pro Tools 2018.12 won't to close

Originally Posted by babaorum View Post
Every-time when I close : session can be closed but Main Pro Tools refuse to close ... and freeze ...
As always, start by trashing prefs. If it happens with one session.., it may be corrupt. If it happens with multiple the suspect plugins... check all plugins are up to date and try removing third party .aaxplugin files in batches from the plugin folder and try to identify the culprit plugin(s). The plugin may not necessarily be instantiated In the session to cause problems (just installed in the plugin folder), but is more a suspect if it is. Quick test is obviously to remove all .aaxplugin files from the plugin folder, then trash prefs, restart Pro Tools and see if it happens then. If so it's not a third party plugin--but this exact problem can/has be caused by plugins.

Make sure all session file are stored on NTFS, not exFAT or other, filesystems. Still stuck create a new Admin account and test with a new empty session from that account. Still stuck, uninstall and reinstall Pro Tools.

Start at “help us help you” at the top of each DUC web page. You have lots of troubleshooting to do, if you need more help here describe clearly what troubleshooting you have done, and include a SiSoft Sandra report

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