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Default S3 not showing in AVB after Firmware update

Hello, Wise ones.

Briefly: All was well this morning - then EU Control said Pro Tools control was not compatible. I did a dig, and saw that EU control needed the latest update. Did that and updated Firmware.

Opened PT. Desk kicked in, lights blipping and all sorts going well as ever. No sound. I looked through PT, then Audio/Midi setup - no S3. Checked Network - No AVB Devices.

Went into Settings - unchecked then re-checked AVB. Rebppted one thing at a tie, then everything, checked S3 mode (Studio). Reset it. Rebooted everything.

Basically, since the firmware update, Dock and S3 do not show up as AVB.

I am OS 10.14.5, PT, EU and latest Firmware ("you cannot update the firmware - you have the latest firmware")

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