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Default Problem hearing midi sound Kontakt 5 Duet 2

I'm not sure if I've configured all the i/o correctly. I want to use a Kontakt 5 Virtual instrument and my evolution keyboard. I can record the instrument in but I can't hear sound. And I can't record the midi onto an audio track.

Instrument track: Instrument setting: Kontakt in Kontakt out and Kontakt as the insert. i/o: I: no input O: Bus 1-2

Aux track: insert Kontakt I:Built in mic O:Built in speaker (which I change to Bus when I try to record)

Record track: no insert I: Bus 1-2 O: Built in speaker

I have Instrument track armed

With this i can only record midi through Kontakt interface, not the Evolution.

My Mac sound is set to the Duet as I/o

Looking forward to assistance! I've been trying all sorts of variations for days.
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