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Default Re: Pro Tools 11 won't launch and eleven rack

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Itís not a subscriptionónothing to do with that, but you are getting forced into managing your computer properly.

No version of Pro Tools runs on Catalina, the Eleven Rack drivers do not work on Catalina. This has been clearly warned about by Avid, in emails to users, articles and posts on DUC. Even if you have not seen any of those warnings why would you upgrade without checking known compatibility with all important apps... especially given Catalina is expected to break lots of things.

You need to restore to the last working backup you made. No backup? Then you can do a full clean install of a previous macOS and all your software again. (But ask about that before hand so you donít lose your current work).
Going back in terms of OSX is the only way out of the op's dilemma provided he has a good clean full installer. The last OSX considered compatible with PT 11.3.2 was OSX 10.10.5. OSX 10.12.6 will run PT 11.3.2 - I did that for a few months with at least the one known issue of not being able to import audio via the menu command but drag and drop from Finder works. Don't know if OSX10.13.6 or any form of Mojave will run PT 11.3.2.

Suggestion to the site admins: put up a hyperlink to the compatibility page
at the top of every DUC page with the other hyperlinks.
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