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Ditto. What we've found here is this happened on mix sessions created from a template session (not .ptxt, just a simple .ptx) that has been created many years ago (PT10?). 20021 error pops up, then only solution is to restart protools, somedays more, somedays less.

We concur, possibly something related to channelstrip eq automation parameter manipulation. Import session data in a new session didn't work, so we reinstantiated all channel strips on our dialog tracks in the template and it seemed to solve the problem, in one case.

In another instance of that same 20021 error, (different room, different operator, same template) the operator said the problem remains, but didn't manifest as long as he didn't use loop playback. Not sure if he really tried reinstantiating all his eqs (more of the lazy type).

All of this happening on PT12.8.3 Native MacOS 10.12.6. Those systems handle fine all our other projects without issues, most of them heavier than the problematic template.
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