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Default Re: Any way to create Aggregate MIDI Input devices?

I don't want to use ALL because I have a load of Virtual Instrument tracks in my scoring template, and any time one of those tracks is active, it is included as an option in the MIDI Input Selector, as well as my "Predefined" devices, which also includes an Alesis iPad dock, MIDI in from Metagrid, and an IAC bus.

My curiosity/concern is wondering if, when a MIDI or Instrument Track is Record-Enabled, and set to "ALL" mode, if it is actively listening to every channel of every Input Device, including all of the VIs, and if so, does that have any negative effect on Pro Tools performance?

I was trying to test this theory myself, but could not find a way to select Multiple, but not ALL, MIDI Input Devices. I found no solution in the manual, or anyone having asked something similar via forum or Google searches, so that's why I asked here for clarification on this specific issue.

Since there hasn't been any clarification on this issue, I made a Feature Request via Avid Link about being able to select multiple-but-not-all MIDI Input Devices on a Track. (and I miss IdeaScale).
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