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Default Re: Focusrite Clarett 8preX weak mic signal

What are you looking at for "usable signal?" Meters on the Interface? Control? Pro Tools? (Pro Tool meters are pre-fader?)

What are you listening to? The the Focusrite control mix? Monitoring in Pro Tools? Playback in Pro Tools?

*You* need to work this out. Shut down Pro Tools. Open up the Focusrite control documentation, and work out how to use Control. Start with just a simple headphone monitoring mix. Nothing else. No Pro Tools running. Get that working and move on from there.

Start with everything else removed, no other preamps etc., just one simple mic into the Focusrite internal preamp, phantom power on if needed. Understand the Control mix and DAW return signal paths, play with stuff until you do (e.g. stick signal gen on a Pro Tools track and play with getting that routed back to the headphones through Control).
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