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Default Re: so happy i did not update my PT ...

Originally Posted by john1192 View Post
THx Kirk .. not sure this is correct .. would need to look at Adobe to see how they might be obligated to bug fixes, updates, and new features for their subscription ..

if this is the same Kirk (captain maybe) then we had a nice conversation about 5k priced microphones on another forum ... again good to hear your opinion and facts !!

Hi Dean ... this is what i remember as well ... seems just like yesterday when we would hear about new features coming in the next update !! and fixes to go along with them ... now it is boring to say it bluntly ... not much communication, barely an update per quarter .. and old issues seem to be popping up again for some folks !!

end of monday morning QB'ing ..

cheers john

cheers john
Unlike AVID, Adobe has a reasonable pricing model. 10 or 15 a month for PT is doable. 30+ for software that doesn't get updated is a friggen joke. Somebody at AVID clearly doesn't understand the micropayment model of lower prices resulting in MORE subscriptions. AVID: "Extorting Existing Customer Base = More Profit!". Oh well. If you start a software company, you at least have a model for how NOT to create a software pricing scheme.
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