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Default Re: so happy i did not update my PT ...

Not entirely true. The initial marketing of the subscription plan promised regular and significant upgrades. As part of that marketing they insisted that the subscription plan allowed them to put out upgrades on a more timely basis, rather than waiting long periods for a major release.

To say they have no obligation to provide upgrades may be true from a licensing perspective, but not doing so breaks marketing promises.

Originally Posted by capt kirk View Post
Theyre not 'obligated' to do anything now. Once they go SaaS , YOU are paying to 'RENT' the software, AS IS. this is the critical salient point......AS IS......
if they decide to update or fix anything, nice, but whatever happens, meh .....its a slippery slope, but its an economic model that has come into being for financial reasons. I dont wholly disagree with it, but as a super high end professional with serious mission critical deadlines, i solved the dilema by fixing a paid for version on a fixed paid for mac. super stable, does EXACTLY what i and MORE IMPORTANTLY my paying clients love. i dont need or want a new stupid synthesizer, or 3gig of useless loops for teenagers. if i wanted that stuff id buy go buy it myself. its juicier for them to release stuff that apeeals to DJ's and has advertising 'fluff' .......the rest is MATURE technology they dont need to spend time on anymore, it doesnt sell subscriptions, fancy schmanzy green glowing synths do, they gotta keep fluffing......fixing things is cool, but they gotta make it snazzy!!! its just a business model......back to work now...
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