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Default Re: Any way to create Aggregate MIDI Input devices?

Originally Posted by massivekerry View Post
Thanks, but that’s not really what I meant about how I want to use things. In my example, I have a MIDI keyboard and a Launchpad XL (knobs and faders). I want to play in a performance where I play notes on the keyboard with one hand, and use the knobs and faders on the Launchpad XL to vary the filter, modulation, expression, vibrato, etc on the same track with my other hand. The only way that I’ve been able to use both devices at the same time is by setting the MIDI Input of a track to “All”, as I haven’t found a way to select specific multiple devices as an Input.
Okay, then once all your devices are setup under the Setup>Midi>Midi Studio menu(so Pro Tools knows where to "look for" incoming midi info), leave your track set to receive from ALL(which is the default setting). The keyboard should trigger notes without any other fussing(though you MIGHT need to enable Record-ready on the track). The Launchpad knobs might need to be programmed, and that SHOULD be this simple: With the instrument plugin open on the screen, right-click any knob or switch and select Midi Learn, then tweak the knob on the Launchpad that you want to affect that knob.
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