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Default Help! Work lost :(

Hi Guys. Lost two really important drum tracking sessions and panicking severely. The problem looks to be with incorrect use of Templates. I'm tracking on a Trident desk through Orion Antelope I/O to Pro Tools (Trashcan Mac). 12 live mics. Before the sessions I hit 'New' and 'Create from Template', then renamed the track and all came up fine, all inputs working. I recorded the takes and played them back to the drummer and producer, so they were definitely recorded. Then this morning I come to the studio, look for the track names in 'Open Recent' and there's nothing there. I did a search for .WAV files created the previous day, and again nothing. I can't even find a file with the name of the track anywhere on the external drive or Mac drive. Can anyone shed any light on what might have gone wrong? It's my first time using templates and kicking myself I didn't watch some vids and read the manual before attempting it
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