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Default Re: Auto-Bank to selected track


Auto-Bank to Track Mode can be set to:
(1) Off
(2) If Not Visible on Surface
(3) Always.

As I mentioned, there is an unwanted interaction between the Tracks > Local Options preference for Auto-Bank to Attentioned Track.

If you want to trigger banking behaviors from Pro Tools I would recommend the following:

(A) Disable the Tracks > Local Options Auto-Bank to Attentioned Track.
(B) Choose one of the three options for Auto-Bank from Settings > User.
(C) Enable Track Name from Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area under Settings > User.

If you don't want to Bank from Pro Tools - certainly disable the function or set it to Off. If you want to Attention from the Tracks page enable Auto-Bank to Attentioned Track under Tracks > Local Options but realize that it will currently have a detrimental effect to the "If Not Visible on Surface" option when triggered from Pro Tools.


Jeff Komar
Applications Specialist, Pro Audio
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