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Default Re: IK Group Buy 2019 - 6 for 1

Originally Posted by Peter - IK Multimedia View Post
Pure conjecture and completely false. I get it, you have some issue with IK but please don't spread FUD because of that. It's uncouth and uncivil. Also bordering on if not clearly defamatory but don't worry, we don't push around our dealers and won't push people defaming us online. I'll simply clarify below:

Every dealer signs and follows the same dealer agreement. They follow that agreement, and some have "login only" or other such offers that would need to work within that agreement and they typically do.

The first JRR offer was left over serials from a very old deal which honestly should have sold out long before this group buy started. We made no stipulations about pricing on those Fender deals even when this group buy started.

Any AudioDeluxe special deal like the $29 IMSTA (event-based) deal would also be either time-based or a limited number of serials Again, nothing nefarious like you imply (or really you seem to state outright as fact).

Hopefully people can understand these facts from the source, and that like every other company in the industry we have clear agreements with dealers and those agreements have legal terms to which both the dealers and IK comply. We've been in business for over 20 years following all legal agreements with many music retailers and look forward to another 20+ conspiracy-theory free years.
Thanks for the clarification. I didn't think anything nefarious was going on but i was interested to learn about the serial information as it explains a lot.
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