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Default Re: PT 6.4.1 link down

Hey all,

I found my 6.4.1 install, as well as they 6.4.1cs2 - cs4 installs if anyone needs them. I'm happy to share.

That Avid wouldn't, at a minimum, offer the last good version of TDM software on a link isn't reasonable. There were thousands of professional records done with that software. Backwards compatible though subsequent versions may be for the edits, the 3rd party plugs may not be.

One of the things I hated about ProTools in my professional L.A. recording days, was Digidesign's "We don't have to care: we're the phone company" attitude because they had such a lock on the market in professional recording. It was one of the reasons I never bought another Digi product after I left L.A. Happy to see all the legit alternatives as I look to get a new rig.
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