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Default Re: IK Group Buy 2019 - 6 for 1

So I ended up upgrading to Amplitube 4 and got another 6 including both Fenders, the Mesa, Leslie, SVX2 and Hendrix bundles.

I used some leftover Jampoints to knock of 30% of each purchase so total was around $170 for 14 total.

The Fender 2 collection is great and I really like the Little Wing verse preset in the Hendrix stuff. The classic Marshall stuff that came with 4 was a nice bonus. The JMP-1 emulation is cool, made me miss my old hardware unit. I'll have to hunt another one of those down someday.

I am now officially IK'd out...
I7-4930K, X79-Deluxe, 2133 32 GB,
GT640, 512GB 860 Pro, 1TB Evo, WDB 2TB X2,
Win 10 Pro, PT Ultimate 2019.6 REAPER 6.01
RME, Daking, Heritage, ISA, Sytek

ASUS N71Jq i7 940xm 8GB DDR3
PTHD 12.1 REAPER - Win 10 HP

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