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Default Re: Heat + Complete Plugin Bundle for all subscribers

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
What's wrong with doing business as usual?

The new deal for subscription customers is something that they give away to steer customers to subs. Can you blame them? If there weren't any perks for subs then why would someone choose sub if permanent license and annual update plan is better for them?

I'm not choosing colors here, I understand both ways of thinking. Just that if both are equal, which would you choose? And if it is in Avid's interests to get people on the subscription model, wouldn't they have to make it look more appealing than the status quo?

That of course was a rhetorical question
I get what you are saying. They are free to do whatever they want. They can stop supporting my license if they wish. It won’t be consequence free however, especially considering how many other good DAWs there are. If they really want people to get on their subscription model, perhaps they should try a pricing model like the rest of the industry and sell more seats as opposed to attempting to squeeze every last dollar out of their existing user base?
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