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Default Re: Finally Bought UAD-2 - which three plugs to choose?

Originally Posted by UniversalAudio View Post
I think the Ampex 102 is a must. It's on the stereo buss of EVERY mix.

Studer on individual channels or groups might also be considered a must.

These two plugs alone make a HUGE difference in a mix, often making it so you need less EQ/Dyn in general. It's amazing how much of ITB mixing is spent trying to recreate what analog has always done for us naturally.

The Helios channelstrip is another standout and one of our top selling plugins.

The new 480 is blowing people's minds.

Whatever you choose, you're going to love them!! Congrats!
Thanks! I actually chose the Studer, Ampex and new Lexicon.
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