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Default Re: Finally Bought UAD-2 - which three plugs to choose?

Originally Posted by noah330 View Post
Years ago when Mackie distributed the UAD-1 I had one. Long story short I sold it when my new machine didn't have PCI.

So they're doing a promotion where you get Neve, API, SSL and 600 series plugs free so I took the plunge.

I can choose three free plugs with the bundle I bought. I really want the A-800 and/or the Ampex (I'm going to AB them and decide) what other plugs would you choose? I'm thinking of grabbing the more expensive ones that I think I'll want asn freebies.
You bought the bundle that includes the Neve, Api, SSL and 600 for free, and then the extra Custom 3-pack on top of that? If so, I'd lean heavily towards the Reverbs mention by others as 1 or 2 of the additional plugs. Same for the tape.

I'm thinking of doing that same deal. I've got the Studer 800 already, but not the Ampex. That one will find it's way onto the list. However, I have all those Unison plugs in the offering, so I have to choose from a limited subset of the rest. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't already own some of the gems in the list. (like the Helios, Lexicon 224)
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