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Default Grouped track playlist issues .....

Hey reaching out and hoping that this part the form is still active I am using ProTools 10 HD on a quad core Mac Pro running iOS 10.6.8 10 gB ram and ProTools 10.3.8.

I’m having an issue frequently that grouped tracks with layers of playlists frequently do not move together from playlist level to the next playlist level , or will only move together ascending and not descending. Eg let’s say the grouped tracks are “Guitar 1 mic a.01”, “Guitar 1 Mic b.01” and the play list extend to “Guitar 1 mic a.05”, “Guitar 1 Mic b.05” The playlists will frequently not move together going from one level of playlists to the next. I have tried deleting and re-creating groups , removing tracks from the group and then adding them again , but can’t seem to work this out. Any thoughts of the cause of this? Any solution please let me know Thank You For your time
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