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Default MDW EQ 5 Sale

Hello all. I have been looking at getting the MDW EQ5 for quite some time. Avid finally has it on sale for the first time possibly ever, but at least a long while. It kind of gets things in the ballpark of reasonable. I must say I am disappointed that they only did a 40% sale on DSP but a 50% on Native. I think I want to buy MDW in AAX DSP but it’s pretty hard to justify a $200 difference, but then if it’s Native only then I am also far less interested. Plugins are just so cheap these days even $350 seems like a LOT to spend on one plugin, especially a static EQ. I remember just a few short years ago that was much more palatable and normal but plugins are becoming such cheap commodities now. I was really surprised to see MDW on sale because I thought Avid and MDW had pretty much given up trying to sell the thing anymore. Anyway...

Does anyone have thoughts they would like to share on the sound of MDW vs the other best static EQs out there in 2018? I own Equilibrium (& Equality DSP), Pro-Q2, Sonnox Oxford EQ HDX + GML, everything from Plugin Alliance, Softube, McDSP, IK Multimedia, Izotope, Slate/Eiosis and on and on. Lets assume the only EQ Plugin in the world I don’t own is MDW. I am pretty sure every base has been covered and then some with my arsenal of insane over-abundance, but for some reason the MDW keeps sticking in my mind. Maybe it’s just some sick and unexplainable plugin (esp AAX DSP) collection syndrome. Talk me off the ledge, or not. Why is MDW amazing?

PS It’s kind of frustrating when there is this legendary plugin that is super expensive but doesn’t even have a demo.

PPS Keep in mind I am on Mac and I could care less that it is mostly broken on Windows.
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