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Default Re: Mac Part Store Glendale California

FWIW, I got a new graphics card for my iMac in summer 2016 from Maya, also in CA, whose e-mails include the trading name ‘Premium Source Enterprise’.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the name of her website or ebay but, in searching through e-mails, she was the only one who was selling a new/sealed card and sent me pics of the sealed box that I verified with my local Apple guy before shipping over to Europe.

Also, she was very helpful and responsive to all my questions - I was aware that there’s a bit of an industry in refurbishing/swapping faulty cards having found options ranging from heating up the faulty card in an oven to using specialised equipment ... but considering the hassle of getting this installed, I felt a new card was the way to go :)

Edit: I checked on my ebay and it was Mac Premium Parts. However, I couldn’t find them on ebay anymore but found using Google ... and their telephone number matches the one on Maya’s e-mails.

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