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Default Re: please explain these update plans to me

Originally Posted by recordingfun View Post
. . . but you say I dont get the pro series plugs in that? . . .
I never said that.

Being new to the forum, you may not be aware of all the resources you can link to from within the forum:

1) Take a look at the top of page, and find where it says "Additional Resources" (in between the woodduck and the AVID logo).

2) Click there and look for a link called "Pro Tools documentation" (you may have to scroll down). Click on that and you will get many "hits" inside of the "Knowledge Base."

3) Find the one that says "Pro Tools Licensing FAQ" (you may have to scroll down) that is dated "August 24."

4) Highlight the hot button for "Pro Tools HD."

5) The next screen has subheadings. Click the one for "Subscription."

6) Click the one that says, "Are the bonus plug-ins included with Pro Tools subscriptions?"

7) At this point, there is a re-direct that is somewhat vague because it offers an unclear explanation.

So I would have to say, "Good luck!"
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