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Default Re: Can not decide between the HDX and the HDN ...

Originally Posted by CLASS-A-DUDI TAMIR View Post
If I understand correctly ....
If I do not work with the card HDN/HDX I can not use PROOTLS HD ...?

Do something out here to compare the quality of the recording of RME B - converters of the HD I / O
You could use HD software if you owned it. Problem is you can't purchase it separately. Only the standard pro tools 11. HD version of the software, which is just added features is only available with the HDN or HDX card, unless you can get a cptk license quick, but I bet they are like fold right now.

I THINK you are asking if any of the avid converters are quality wise, in comparison to the baby face?? Don't worry, I sold my RME and lynx converters when I got my avid converters. They are top notch. The omni would be your beat bet for your workflow IMO.

If you don't know the features of the HD software maybe you don't need them and just get PT and the baby face and save some money!

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